Virtual Reality: How can you access it?

Currently there are many viewing options on the market. The best known of these is Oculus Rift, which retails for $599. However, there are more inexpensive options on the market.

The most inexpensive option is Google Cardboard, which can be made DIY with cardboard and lenses, or purchased with a kit for approximately $15.

All of these devices access specific apps or software built for them, so no standards have risen to the top yet. However, you can also view VR content on YouTube. In addition, the next version of Chrome will support WebVR, a kind of HTML for virtual reality.

In some instances, you can view VR in your browser now, sometimes by clicking and dragging your mouse. It’s not the same experience as having it a few inches from your face, but it does give you a taste of the current state of VR. Check out this “shark week” video, for example: