Perseverance: Introduction

Did you ever notice that the word ‘perseverance’ is difficult to spell? It’s one of those words that I have to look up every time I use it.

As difficult as it is to spell, it’s even more difficult to adopt as a life skill. However, perseverance is a major part of 21st century learning skills, and something we want our students to embrace. But how many of us struggle with it ourselves?

This month we’re going to talk about building our perseverance muscles, and let’s start with ourselves. The next time you do something that didn’t have the results you wanted or expected, simply try it one more time. Was that recipe a flop? Make some changes and see if it turns out better. Didn’t finish that book everyone is talking about? Check it out again and schedule some time to read. Did that student interaction go awry? Seek him/her out and try again from a different perspective.

It’s not difficult to build those perseverance muscles, but just like getting fit physically, it does take practice and repetition!