Origami spinners: Take #1

What about spinners? Are they a helpful fidget for students, or an annoying toy that causes classroom disruptions?

No matter where you find yourself in the spinner controversy, the spinner is still a trend to be reckoned with.

Why not capitalize on the phenomenon and make a simple rule for your school: The only spinners allowed are those you have made by hand.

The Internet has lots of inspiration for DIY spinners, complete with opportunities for trial and error, rapid prototyping, and learning from mistakes – all great makerspace concepts! Plus, many spinners can be made with paper, so they’re inexpensive.

This month I highlight several types of origami spinners to get you started. Give ’em a spin! (Bad pun.)

Extra tip: I always use recycled paper for origami. It gives an interesting result, and is a wonderful excuse for upcycling.

The first origami spinner I recommend comes from Red Ted Art. Their videos are cheerful and easy to follow: