My Granny’s Projects: Crochet Circles

I spent weeks at my grandparents’ house in the summer with no other kids to play with. I imagine my Grandmother was happy to get me out of her hair sometimes, so she often taught me things that had the added benefit of keeping me busy.

One of the things she taught me was crocheting. It was difficult for my little fingers, but she was a patient teacher, and fairly soon I could crochet a chain. The next thing she taught me to crochet was a circle (tutorial here). I don’t know how many of these circles I made with her scrap yarn, but I can still whip one out in just a few minutes; muscle memory is an amazing thing.

I saw a lovely idea of something you can do with these crocheted circles that doubles as a team-building activity for your Makerspace.

You’ll need yarn in many different colors and hooks for everyone participating. Teach your students to make a crocheted circle (or find a Granny in your community who can do this for you). Students may want to make two, so that they can take one home. The other circle will stay in your makerspace as part of an art piece.

When everyone is reaady, bring your group together in a circle so that everyone can see the yarn circles. Have each student show his circle, and then tell the group something special about himself that benefits the makerspace. For example, “I’m good at drawing,” or “I like math.” Then ask the students create a design with the circles; it doesn’t have to be the shape of a square or rectangle. Ask a few students (or your volunteer) to stitch the circles together. Hang the finished work in your makerspace as a reminder of the uniqueness of each student and what she brings to the group.

Crocheting actually has many benefits for students. These include fine motor skills (related to handwriting), spacial relations (related to math), following directions, problem solving, focus, following through, self-esteem, and right-left brain connections. After they learn how to crochet, add some yarn and hooks to your makerspace so they can create with these simple materials any time!

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