Lesson planning: how to fit Makerspace into your teaching

As I teach Makerspace seminars in different U.S. cities, I often get asked the same question: how do I fit Makerspace into what I’m already doing?

It’s a great question, because if we “plop” Makerspace activities on top of our already overloaded schedules, it won’t be sustainable. The great benefits we’re getting from making with students will fade away, like so many ideas do in education.

That means we need to do the hard work of integrating Makerspace into our existing curriculum. Unfortunately, there’s not a one-size-fits-all solution, since all of us work with different age groups, different curriculum, and different communities.

However, this month I will share inspirational ideas to help get you started in your Makerspace teaching. And you’ll find all the documents I reference here.