Iteration: Introduction

IMG_20160721_183641On our farm, we on on the fourth iteration of an eggmobile, otherwise known as a portable chicken coop.

The first one was shaped like an ark. The handles quickly snapped off.

The second one was too large for the bicycle wheels to handle it.

The third one had reclaimed wood as the foundation, so it sagged to the ground within a year.

Now we’re at Eggmobile 1.4, built on a trailer, and it seems to be doing well… if you don’t count it tipping backwards the first day with all the hens inside! I didn’t anticipate all 40 hens cramming into the back of it. So my next iteration, or improvement, will be balancing the weight so that doesn’t happen.

This month I’m writing about iterating, a valuable tool for life, and to teach students in your makerspace!