It brings me joy to help people meet their makerspace goals. Please contact me if I can assist you in getting to the next step!Workshops


I am happy to lead full-day or half-day workshops for your organization. Workshops are hands-on for participants and a great way to get your group speaking the same vocabulary. I will customize the workshop to fit your group’s needs.

“Anyone who wants to create or design a makerspace should attend Crystal’s workshop. Her knowledge and expertise are invaluable! She has taken a very big and multifaceted topic and broken it down into very manageable pieces. After the workshop you will have the knowledge you need to plan and create your makerspace.” – Catherine V., Massapequa, NY

“When you want student engagement and intrinsic motivation in students, makerspaces can bring it.  Crystal Trice’s comprehensive, inspiring, and informative workshops empower educators to begin the process.  After taking Crystal’s Makerspace Workshop, I felt that I had a firm grasp on makerspaces and the vast benefits to all learners .” – Diane C., Hampstead, NH

Custom Webinars

I teach group-style webinars for your school in a “flipped” learning environment. I will lead several live sessions (recorded for those who can’t attend), along with small amounts of homework and group discussions in-between. This is a vibrant solution to get everyone in your school talking about makerspaces, and it is easy to fit into your schedule!

Need a Jumpstart?

If you’re not sure where to begin or how to take the next step, I am available for advice in person or via Skype. Send me a message, and we can discuss details.