My Granny’s Projects: Introduction

Granny's PinsMy great aunt recently gave my dad an old coffee grinder that had these beauties inside, made by my extremely talented grandmother. She was an artist who started oil painting as an older adult. She was a seamstress who could make anything she saw in the Sears & Roebuck catalog. And she was an upcycler before it was cool. For these broaches, she used old eyeglasses, hacked them apart, and added pretty paper and other bits to make them into beautiful jewelry for her sisters.

From an early age, Granny taught me the value of making things beautiful, both for yourself and for other people.  During this month of Maker Mondays, I’ll show you some of the things she taught me. Even though she taught me these projects years ago, they’re still powerful lessons for me, as well as fun and easy projects you can do with children.

When you were a child, who inspired you to make things?

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