Building Projects: Honkmobile, take 2


My husband and I recently spent some time shoring up the mobile housing for our geese. It really made me think about the Maker Cycle:

  1. Think
  2. Build
  3. Test
  4. Do it again

The “honkmobile” only needed a few things done to it, which we learned from “testing” (a.k.a having our four geese use it for a year). It has small improvements made through the iterative process.

In contrast, our mobile chicken housing has gone through radical iterations. Our first A-frame coop had the handles break off within a few weeks. The next one was built like a flower cart, and the bicycle wheels promptly went flat. Our last one is like a big cube, with wobbly wheels that won’t make it another year. We’re in the “thinking” stage again, planning how to build an eggmobile on a trailer. We’re using what we’ve learned from each previous iteration, but each design is completely different.

Making is like that. There is always room for small improvements, but sometimes it’s simply better to start from scratch. However, even when we start from scratch, we don’t forget what we learned from previous attempts.

This month I’ll be sharing simple building activities you can do with students, since building is an excellent way to practice the Maker Cycle.