5 minute projects: Mini-catapult

Do you like instant gratification? So many things in a makerspace require patience and perseverance, so it’s nice to include some quick projects whenever possible. Having success with a small project is often all that’s needed to encourage a maker to do even more!

This month I’m showcasing 5-minute projects with simple objects you already have around your makerspace. The instructions for these projects all came from The Ultimate DIY Geek Toys Guide. The book includes more in-depth projects as well (warning for school folks: the first section is all about DIY projects with beer).

The first project I tried was making a mini catapult from nail clippers, a bottle cap, and a bit of glue:



Simple project, and it worked perfectly. I used a “glue dot” instead of crazy glue so that I could have my clippers back to normal afterward. And the piece of paper actually travels further than I had guessed.

The best part? When I showed it to my husband, the first thing he asked was “why can’t we make a bigger one?!” Exactly my point… making small things makes you want to make more!