People have been making things for hundreds of years. In earliest times, if someone wanted or needed something, he or she had to make it by hand. Later, making was a craft that took years to master in trade guilds, with specific tools and guarded trade secrets. In the Industrial Revolution, items were designed by a few people and then manufactured by many people trained in the use of machines.

In our modern society, the desire to make things by hand hasn’t disappeared. The Maker movement gives shared access to tools and ideas, which means anyone can learn just enough to design and build whatever they want to make.

Many schools and libraries have started developing makerspaces and maker projects. Simply defined,
A makerspace is a place where people can share tools and ideas to make stuff.

The purpose of this website is to help you start and develop your makerspace. Makerspaces are not DIY (do it yourself) – as fun as that can be sometimes. Makerspaces are DIT (do it together), so the resources provided here are designed to help you do just that. Let me know how I can come alongside you and help more!